Fives places to submit your short fiction.

Fives places to submit your short fiction.

As writers, we dream of one day being published and changing the world with our writing or becoming a bestseller Author. We all know that can’t happen overnight or without practice, though. It is important to not only practice writing, but also to practice taking criticism, getting rejections, and sending the works of our souls out to be seen by the world.
The best way for you to practice sending out your work, and not feeling like shit when bad news comes back (or letting it go to your head when good news comes back.) is to get over your fear and ACTUALLY SEND IT OUT! Below is a list of five places I have come across to submit your short fiction too.

Sick lit Magazine.

Sick lit is currently tightening the strings of their website. Their current writing prompt for story submissions involves writing a story based five hundred years into the future. (Click link below for more details about submissions.)

Submissions & Submissions FAQ

Cheap pop.

Cheap pop is not currently accepting submissions. They have a good reputation though, so when they open their submissions back up I suggest giving them a try.

The three-penny review.

These guys open their submissions up on the first of January. You can send it in online; or if you are anything like me, and take pride in going out to submitting a story through snail mail, then they accept that too.


Shimmer is a great place to submit your work if you are a diverse writer. They love to see pieces that include how amazingly diverse this world is in it. (LGBTQIA, different ethnicities, religions, etc.) This is why I love them so much. Their submissions open back up on January eighth, and you can bet I will be submitting a piece to them!

Flash Fiction online.

Flash fiction online is a great place for us who love to write super short pieces. I haven’t checked up on their submissions recently, but I have left a link below if you would like to check them out.

There’s more.

There are tons of places where you can submit your writing, so if you are serious about getting your work out there regularly, I suggest doing some research. Look at which places work best for you and your writing!

Our writing prompt for the week is:
Write the saddest Christmas story you can think of. Make your readers cry.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and don’t forget to check out my links below. Thank you all for reading!



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